Who we are ?

"HOPLA " is an everyday word for every child and parent and at the same time it means 'hope' and 'love', made in Albania. Here at "HOPLA" we intend to up cycle adult clothes (mostly big sizes) to Mom, Dad and me (kids) clothes, with Albanian spirit. We intend to produce slow fashion and to ad cultural value handmade. The basis will be the clothes that are not any more to be sell, that means the one that are intended not to get used anymore and for that these clothes are going to be trash/waste. At "HOPLA" we intend to start with 5 women, vulnerable woman that come from poor families, (mothers with children), to have the possibility to work and so enabling these women to become financially independent, through the employment as seamstresses. HOPLA intends to be a “clothing Family style structure” that produces slow fashion, because at the same time we contribute to reduce waste for social sustainability.An Albanian product with social message for building local economies.HOPLA is where opportunity meets creativity.

The product

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We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop.
We love to learn and design new clothes.
All in one team, positive thoughts.
And made with love.

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